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What are the Chat Site Rules?

The establishment of friendship over the Internet has been a method that has been used to solve the loneliness of young people and middle-aged people in recent years. The friendships established through the website are also the chat rooms which can be used as an active communication in the majority, and the chat rooms which will be provided with video and audio calls. Through these sites, thousands of people spend a friendly time with each other and spend time with their friends. There are a number of rules for making friends over chat sites and wanting to chat for long hours. After complying with these rules, the person can spend all his free time on the chat site using just one nickname or one nickname. So, what are the chat site login rules accordingly? What rules do you need to follow after logging in to the site?

Chat Rules

Chat site rules should be in Turkish. Other languages ​​can be used to chat with other languages ​​if they have a confirmation.
• Correspondence is required to ensure compliance with upper and lower case letters.
• It is absolutely inconvenient to talk in a single letter. Because the internet corresponds to the uppercase letter to shout, means to get angry.
• The person should not repeat a single sentence unnecessarily.
• Chat style should not be determined by using a literary language.

• The person should ask whether he / she wants to correspond to the person he / she wants to correspond to, and start the conversation in this way.
• The person in the chat should never create an atmosphere of humiliation, mocking, or threatening the person he or she is talking to.
• If the individual is told that he does not want to have a conversation, he / she should not disturb the person by sending a correspondence request again and again.
• It is wrong to criticize and judge people for political arguments or to seek allies.
• In order to be able to chat in a level system, not lying, not wanting to enter groups and individuals do not want to enter the chat environment is one of the rules must be followed. A friendly conversation can be established by chatting with these rules.

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